25 Places to Elope Around the World

July 18, 2019




Whenever I go on trips with mom (we travel together sometimes), she calls me her travel agent. I love making decisions. She tells me that she’s always super impressed with the places that I choose. We’re both a little bit on the picky side.

If we’re going to be spending money on a place to stay, we want all the aspects to be well thought out. We like being comfortable.

I came up with this idea: I’m calling it my around the world list. I chose a city in countries around the world where I think it would be an amazing place to elope. And more specifically, I’ve chosen a place to stay in each of those cities.

On this list of 25 cities, some of them I have been to, some of them I would just like to visit. Some are obvious choices (Paris), and some of them are unique selections and perhaps not what you would expect.

Even if you don’t end up eloping, maybe one of these places will be a honeymoon spot. Or just a nice trip in general!

My favorite website to search for hotels is Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It’s a free membership site, but they have excellent taste at curating hotels. They call themselves the “travel club for hotel lovers.”

When searching through other travel websites like Expedia or something of the sort, you have to really dig to find a special place to stay. On the other hand with Mr. and Mrs. Smith, since they have curated their selections so well that I would literally stay at any of their recommendations.

I also referenced Condé Nast Traveller.

Without further ado, here is my list of 25 places to elope around the world!